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CBD Oil Drops Tasty Tasteless Flavour UK

Oil Dropper 30ml - 1000mg

Tasty Tasteless flavor ultra premium hemp oil drops, organically grown from clone and Phytonutrient rich.

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Product Description

Our Tasty Tasteless Broad spectrum CBD oil is 100% Organic & Vegan, this tincture has zero additives, preservatives or artificial flavours added to it, so it is suitable for everyone wanting their CBD oil to be as natural and beneficial as nature intended. Being a Broad Spectrum oil it contains all the major eight Cannabinoids, with the exception of THC so no drowsiness.

After being extracted from the plant flower, leaf & stem via supercritical CO2, the oil is then ran through a second filtration process which removes all unwanted plant compounds, fats and lipids. Leaving behind an ultra pure highly refined extract. We use MCT(medium chain triglycerides) as the carrier oil which gives this CBD oil the very faintest hint of coconut flavour, a 1000 times better than natural flavour with absolutely nothing added to it.

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Supplement Facts

  • 0.25ml Dropper Serving Size: 120 @ 8.33mg Per Dose
  • 0.5ml Dropper Serving Size: 60 @ 16.66mg Per Dose
  • 1ml Dropper Serving Size: 30 @ 33.33mg Per Dose


MCT(carrier oil), Broad Spectrum Extract.

Suggested use:

Choose your desired serving via the dropper, .25 .5 .75 or 1ml of oil. Release the oil under the tongue, leave for two minutes for maximum absorption then swallow the excess. Intended for use as a dietary supplement.

Advantages of buying The Hemp Bros

  • Non-GMO Phytocannabinoid rich hemp grown from clone, not seed
  • Free from any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides
  • Unadulterated, no additives, synthetics, artificial flavours, chemicals
  • Non-psychoactive – Broad Spectrum = 0% THC
  • Organic & Vegan
  • Only premium natural ingredients used
  • All of our product’s are 3rd Party lab tested to ensure quality, safety & potency

With the recent boom of the CBD oil industry this has resulted in a vast number of Brands and CBD oil product’s popping up everywhere, a large majority are using only hemp seed oil which has no therapeutic properties. This current situation can make it an absolute minefield for the consumer to find a pure, natural, high quality CBD oil. Here @ The Hemp Bros we strive to deliver you only the most potent, beneficial, un-adulterated & therapeutically effective hemp CBD oil. Make a positive change in your life today by only buying the very best CBD oil available in the UK.